The fund that we advise, the Gridl Global Macro UI, is located in the “multi-asset-class” area, with the objective of generating a positive return in the medium term while avoiding major losses. A consistent and integrated risk management is used in order to ensure the stability of the fund with regard to potential price losses at all times.


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Name of investment firm

Gridl Global Macro UI

Fund initiator

Gridl Asset Management GmbH, Munich

Liability umbrella

BN & Partners Capital AG, Frankfurt am Main Branch

Capital management company

Universal-Investment GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Custodian bank

Donner & Reuschel AG (D), Hamburg

Funds category

Balanced funds

Fund currency

Euro (EUR)

Share class: R (Retail)
Administration & consultancy fees: 1,45% p.a.
Minimum initial investment: None
Distribution policy: Distributing
Asset-based fees: Up to 3 %


Share class: I (Institutional)
Administration & consultancy fees: 0,90% p.a.
Minimum initial investment: €500,000.00
Distribution policy: Distributing
Asset-based fees: 0 %

Fund currency

Swiss francs (CHF)

Share class: R (Retail)
Administration & consultancy fees: 1,45% p.a.
Minimum initial investment: None
Distribution policy: Distributing
Asset-based fees: Up to 3 %


Share class: I (Institutional)
Administration & consultancy fees: 0,90% p.a.
Minimum initial investment: 500,000.00 CHF
Distribution policy: Distributing
Asset-based fees: 0 %

Performance-related remuneration

Up to 15% of the generated performance during the accounting period allowing for a threshold value of Euribor (3 months) + 3.00%. The performance-related remuneration can only be taken, however, if the share value exceeds a previous high-water-mark in its share class at the end of the accounting period. The term ‘high-water-mark’ is taken to mean the highest share value at the end of an accounting period, taking into account the previous five accounting periods.

The investment consultancy and brokerage pursuant to § 1 Para. 1a Point 1 of the German Banking Act (KWG) are carried out on behalf and account of and under the liability of the responsible guarantor, BN & Partners Capital AG, Steinstraße 33, 50374 Erftstadt, in accordance with § 2 Para. 10 of the KWG. In accordance with § 32 KWG, BN & Partners Capital AG is in possession of a corresponding licence from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) for the aforementioned financial services.


The depictions of funds on this website are intended for informational purposes only and do not constitute an invitation to purchase or sell fund shares. Sales material produced by this investment firm is the sole basis for the acquisition of shares (basic investor details, sales prospectus, annual and half-yearly reports). The company’s sales material can be obtained free of charge from the capital management company (Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH; Theodor-Heuss-Allee 70, 60486 Frankfurt am Main), from the firm’s custodian bank (Donner & Reuschel AG (D), Ballindamm 27, 20095 Hamburg) and online at The information provided in these documents should not be considered as recommendations or advice. The historical performances of funds do not guarantee similar performances in the future. This cannot be predicted. All statements reflect the current assessment of the writer(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the companies mentioned in the presentation. Subject to alterations.

Due to the zero or negative interest-rate policy of the European Central Bank (ECB), as well as various other important central banks, many investors (both institutional and private) are being forced to rethink their investment behaviour. The classic portfolio diversification, consisting of a combination of (government) bonds and shares, has been pushed to its limits in the present-day market conditions. Even though government bonds were for the most part the stabilising factor in a portfolio during the adjustment period in the stock markets, it must be assumed that for future adjustments and slumps in the equities sector, bond investments will only be able to exert their diversifying influence on the stability of a portfolio to a very limited degree due to low interest rates. At the same time, investments in bond funds will become less and less attractive, since in many cases the cost of the bonds will be higher than the rate of return on the bonds. In such cases, losses for investors are often inevitable.


With new and innovative multi-asset class strategies, also known as “Multi Asset 2.0”, investors can benefit from a large number of opportunities on the equity markets. This entails an investment strategy that places emphasis on constantly balancing possible gains and risks. With this approach, alongside the risks of each individual investment, the risks of the entire portfolio are assessed, evaluated and weighed against each other. The likelihood of returns on the bonds should be greater as a whole than the risks.


In contrast to traditional funds strategies and guidelines, there is moreover the possibility with funds management of drawing on a very broad range of alternative investments. Among other options, this includes the possibility of allocating anywhere between 0% and 100%, depending on the market conditions, to various asset classes such as cash, shares and bonds. There is also the option of using derivatives in a broad spread. In such cases it is possible both to use derivatives on shares, which can be done with many funds, and also to use derivatives in the bond market. For example, the duration of a portfolio can be shortened with the aid of derivatives (short duration), which can avoid appreciable losses in a portfolio containing bonds with medium or long maturity dates and slowly increasing interest rates. Depending on the investment guidelines, investments can additionally be placed in gold and other raw materials by means of certificates or index funds (exchange-traded funds, or ETFs).


With Gridl Global Macro UI, we offer a wide-ranging and holistic funds product that aims to tackle the challenges facing investors in this day and age, and which is managed by an experienced team.


Gridl Asset Management GmbH is an independent family-run investment advisory firm, which focusses on absolute return multi-asset class strategies. The company is owned and managed by Manfred and Marion Gridl. Both have many years of experience in asset management, fund management and relationship management. Our independence enables us to always make our investment recommendations in the best interest for the investment result of the fund we are advising and thus for our customers.

Marion Gridl

… has more than 24 years experience in the financial industry. She spent more than 20 years in fixed income fund management, income fund management, focusing on corporate and convertible bonds as well as high-yield bonds, and is therefore a proven expert in this asset class. After her banking apprenticeship at Sparkasse Freiburg, she worked for several years as a relationship manager. She has a master degree in Economics from the University of Freiburg, and studied Bank Management at the University of Basel. She is moreover a certified asset manager (having graduated from the DIA at Freiburg University) and a CFA Charterholder.

  • Co-founder and managing director Gridl Asset Management GmbH
  • Worked at Credit Suisse AG in Zurich for ten years as a Senior Portfolio Manager, in the areas of corporate bonds, convertibles and high-yield with reference currencies Euro and US dollars
  • Distinguished with a four-star rating from Morningstar and a Citywire rating of AA for the successful management of a global bond fund (in USD)
  • Long-term experience in determining the interest rate and duration strategy as well as in the analysis of corporate bonds
  • Five years at Deka Investment GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, as a responsible fund manager for convertibles and a research manager for global bonds
  • Qualified as a bank clerk and several years’ experience as a relationship manager at Sparkasse Freiburg

Manfred Gridl

… can look back on over 22 years of professional experience in asset management and fund management at prestigious national and international addresses. For the last 15 years, he has focused mainly on managing multi-asset class solutions and on absolute return oriented investment strategies. He also has many years experience in single stock analysis. He has a master degree in Business Administration and in Industrial Engineering (from the Technical University of Dresden) and is a CFA Charterholder.

  • Co-founder and managing director Gridl Asset Management GmbH
  • More than eight years’ experience with Credit Suisse AG in Zurich as a Team Leader and Senior Portfolio Manager for institutional and ultra-high-net-worth clients (incl. family offices), focusing on absolute return oriented investment strategies
  • Co-manager of the global Investment Committee for absolute return investment solutions
  • Head of the global Stock Selection Team for institutional multi-asset class solutions
  • Three years as the Senior Portfolio Manager for Bank Sarasin & Cie AG, Zurich, responsible for global multi-asset class funds, management of individual mandates and market responsibility for the Euro and US stock selection.
  • Five years’ employment with Deka Investment GmbH in Frankfurt. Global and US share market strategist as well as funds manager for global and US equity funds
  • Two years as Management Assistant at Allianz Asset Management GmbH in Munich

NOTE: The investment advice pursuant to section 1 (1a) no. 1 a KWG and the investment placement pursuant to section 1 (1a) no. 1 KWG shall be carried out in the name, on account and under the liability of the liable partner BN & Partners Capital AG, Steinstraße 33, 50374 Erftstadt, pursuant to section 2 (10) KWG. BN & Partners Capital AG is authorized by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin) pursuant to § 32 KWG for the aforementioned financial services.


Our view of the world and our market assessments are independent and free from the influence of any third parties. They are the cornerstones of our investment recommendations, in which we always focus on the value of the assets and a stable increase in the value of the assets entrusted to us. The launch of Gridl Global Macro UI signifies the birth of a new, innovative fund product for private and institutional investors, which reflects our investment opinions.


The investment objective of our company is to generate the highest possible increase in value of invested capital, while at the same time generating regular attractive dividends, with limited dependence on the performance of traditional investment categories. The company thereby aims to generate a minimum return of Euribor (3 months) + 3.00% in the medium term.


The company’s investment strategy is based primarily on a macroeconomic top-down approach, which reflects the philosophy of Gridl Asset Management. Based on this analysis we derive and define a Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA).


A decision must then be made when implementing the TAA as to whether to construct a stable “basic portfolio” or a more dynamic “satellite portfolio”. The aim of the basic portfolio is to generate returns of around 2.0% p.a. with the lowest possible fluctuation. Depending on market assessments, the basic portfolio will generally make up between 30% and 70% of the funds under management. With individual investments, the focus is on bonds with short and medium-term maturities, defensive stocks or even on dividend-paying stocks. The satellite portfolio focusses instead on special themes and aims for returns of between 6% and 9% p.a.. These generally account for between 30% and 70% of the funds under management. Such investments can consists of, for example, high-yield bonds, emerging market investments (stocks and bonds), opportunistic equity investments or even special industry-specific or thematic investments.


For the legal and organisational realisation of our fund, we were able to win over some of the most prominent enterprises in the Germans-speaking world, including Universal Investment GmbH, Universal Investment, Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft, and BN & Partners Capital AG. and BN & Partners Capital AG.


With managed assets amounting to more than 280 billion euros, in excess of 1,000 public and special funds mandates and around 650 employees, Universal Investment is one of the largest independent asset management companies (AMC) in the German-speaking world. The company concentrates on offering services in administration, insourcing and risk management for the purposes of efficient and risk-based management of funds, securities, alternative investments and real estate.


Donner & Reuschel Privatbank AG is one of the oldest banks in the world and has been part of the Signal Iduna Group since 1990. DONNER & REUSCHEL acts as depositary and custodian bank for our fund and supports marketing and sales.


BN & Partners is a specialist in the field of liability limitation. The company is closely connected to the free consultancy market and offers services for qualified consultants, financial sales companies and financial planners. BN & Partners also provides support in planning and implementing a registration pursuant to KWG (the German Banking Act) with individual consultation and numerous professional system modules from the Financial Services, Private Banking and Investment Banking sectors.


Gridl Asset Management GmbH is a contractually bound agent of BN & Partners Capital AG in accordance with Section 2 (10) KWG. The mandatory information according to the EU Disclosure Regulation of BN & Partners Capital AG as an investment firm / financial advisor can be found here.


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